Why Europe still doesn’t get the Internet

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“Second, the proposal substitutes an unelected bureaucrat’s judgment about what material is appropriate for a mailing list, a chatroom or a Web log for the judgment of the person who first created the resource. There are other checks and balances than this kind of rough-hewn approach, such as readers eventually recognizing that a publication is biased or prone to errors and thus turning elsewhere for news and opinion. Besides, for many bloggers, it’s already common practice to swap links with critics.”

You mean we should trust individuals to make good choices? But the people don’t have judgment, that’s why we regulate for them!

The problem with Europe is not just that it doesn’t get the Internet. The problem runs much deeper: Europe doesn’t get the very concept on individual freedom and responsibility. To those people who mean to tell me what I should or shouldn’t post on my publications: go fuck yourself. There’s no way I’ll post links to trolls if I don’t feel their answer deserves it.

06/18/03 update: A message to the European Union from Samizdata.net

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