World Cup: the web vs. TV

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I don’t usually watch soccer, but there’s special pressure on the French team to perform, so I thought it could be worthwhile to follow (it is, it’s quite tense). I have a TV PCI card in my PC, and I run at a 1600×1200 screen resolution, so I have half of my screen for the browser I’m currently writing in, another quarter for TV, and the last quarter screen for the MatchCast on FifaWorldCup Yahoo’s site. They do quite a good job to keep track of the lineups, stats and main events. The player and team names hyperlink to detailed profiles. Good web site for your brains, while TV still does a better job at wrenching your guts! Anyway, you guys have less than 20 minutes left to make it happen (not that my life would stop if they won’t).

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