Yahoo names Warner exec as CEO

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Hmmm. Terry Semel is a media exec. I’m not sure it bodes well for Yahoo. I’d rather see them go the software/web service way. However, if the point is to concentrate Yahoo on paid music and movie distribution, he’s probably the right kind of guy. Short term, I guess he’ll bring Yahoo some information on what’s up at AOL TW (he left a while ago but must have kept all the necessary inside connexions).
Last year, Semel was rumored to be on the verge of joining the new Vivendi Universal, and it seems he helped the deal happen. Maybe that explains recent talks between VU and Yahoo. Read The End of an Era for a bio.
Update: I’m not the only one (links added 04/19/01, 04/21/01) wondering.
04/24/01 update: Vivendi plans U.S. push, Vivendi looks to expand pact
with Yahoo to match AOL
04/25/01 update: broadcast inroads indeed.
06/25/01 update: is Semel too tame for the task?
06/27/01 update: Yahoo’s CEO reaches out to Hollywood.
05/26/07 update: Out-Googled

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