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Yahoo to Try Harder to Rid Postings of Hateful Material (NYT – free registration required)
So Yahoo! is giving in. As I mentioned earlier, I’m opposed to a rethoric that equates the act of purchasing nazi items with the endorsement of the ideology (aka as "hate material" in most media mentions.) Yahoo! is also moving to paying listings, another move to try and bill you.
I chose NYT’s article over more than twenty others carried by Moreover because it’s one of the few that look like reporting, as opposed to rewriting of the AP’s piece.
04/20/01 update: Yahoo vs. Yahoos: Porn Censorship Decision Seems Hasty. Now it’s porn. What next?
05/11/01 update: The porn crusaders.
05/14/01 update: Auction Giant Hopes to Avoid Lawsuits. 05/15/01 update: Nazi Sellers Just Moving On (in my non English-native speaker opinion, headline syntax sometimes leads to dangerous shortcuts). 05/16/01 update: Ban on Nazi Items Upsets Collectors.
05/23/01 update: Yahoo! racist chatrooms ‘untouchable’.
06/25/01 update: Group seeks to block racist Web site.
08/09/01 update: German’s Anti-Hate Push Angers.
08/24/01 update: Global treaty could transform Web.
11/09/01 update: Yahoo Not Bound by French Law.
01/04/02 update: Rise of Internet ‘Borders’ Prompts Fears for Web’s Future.
01/06/02 update: more "online borders" links.

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