Relaunch Re-Bashing

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Yahoo! – What’s New about the relaunch: “back from the dead and up to its old browser tricks again”. I predict bashing in the weeks to come here, here, here and here. In fact everyone will laugh and predict another failure, or already has. Not that it’s not deserved, but we might spend our energy on better causes. Is Flamebait a new marketing strategy? They’ll get the traffic but I still don’t believe there’s much of a market for $270 sunglasses.

At the bottom right of the same page, their weblogs section is part of their “Other Starting Points”. And guess who’s listed as “new” here? Who said it was difficult and long to get listed? My referer log tells me the ODP editor paid a visit but I’m still not listed. I wanted to fight the Google PageRank uphill battle but I can’t.

11/16/00 update: I’m now listed on the ODP but not yet on the corresponding Google page. I guess Google needs some time to include the latest ODP results and rank them by popurelevance.

11/20/00 update: now I’m listed on Google too so it only took a couple of days.

11/26/00 update: speaking of the popularity of blogs, I recently joined Weblogs, which data is presented in interesting ways by Jim Roepcke.

05/03/01 update: Google renamed a directory, and now this link is broken, without even a decent 404! Here’s the new Google page (I’m slowly working my way upwards).

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