Zeldman: Web 3.0

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Why, now that all these topics that I posted feverishly about for years are making front page news, am I almost mute? Jeffrey Zeldman perfectly captures everything that got me sick of the whole web 2.0 noise explosion. I’m busy building our own businesses and I hardly even keep up with what’s new. Oh wait, there’s actually preciously few innovations around, everybody is busy trying to pass me-too features for original products, and bland products for actual businesses.
My interest for online things sold to Google (or whomever else) that not only did zero dollar of revenue so far, but obviously scream for a lack of any business model is absolutely nil. More power to you if you can make a quick buck in the meantime, if I can grab some silly money I wouldn’t spit on it either. But let’s drop the attitude and stop pretending there’s anything actually exciting going on there.

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